St Paul's footsteps European Cultural Route

A Cultural Route highlighting the cultural values, heritage and legacy of Saint Paul’s missions to Europe, 
to honour Saint Paul, as the Apostle of the nations, through his epistles and intangible heritage in literature, arts, history, philosophy, theology and Christianity in Europe, 
towards regenerating the European ideals, with sustainable cultural tourism development and promotion along the route in several countries, regions, cities, islands, local communities and tourist destinations


Travellers rediscover very interesting parts of Saint Paul’s journeys in Cyprus, Greece and Italy, along the footsteps of the ‘Apostle of the nations’ and his companions.

Visitors can experience the real and very interesting walking trails of Via Egnatia and Via Appia Roman roads in Macedonia, Greece and Lazio, Italy, respectively. They can visit UNESCO archaeological sites in Pafos, Philipii, Thessaloniki and at Pnyx, under the Acropolis of Athens, where St Paul preached. Also to visit several islands: Samothraki, Mytiline, Chios, Samos, Cos, Rodos, Malta.


World Heritage


  • Paphos
  • Philippi
  • Thessaloniki
  • Athens
  • Samos
  • Rhodes
  • Valetta
  • Syracuse
  • Rome

Via Egnatia &

Via Appia Antica

Over 50 Churches dedicated to Saint Paul (some together with Saint Peter)

St Paul's footsteps European Cultural Route